How to tackle seasonal demand


Summer is the most ​popular time of the year to go away on holidays, no question about it. But, there’s also an increased demand over long weekends, during school holidays and around special events like music festivals or sports tournaments.

It is quite common at certain times of the year that you’ll see booking requests drop or rise. Travel trends will vary based on seasons, location and popular travel times in the antipodes.

Below we discuss how and why fluctuations in booking request volume may occur and how you can use seasonal pricing to amp up your bookings.

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Seasonal Demand

1 – Consider your camper’s availability in peak times

Most SHAREaCAMPER owners benefit from seasonal demand and popular travel times to and from their location. Keep that in mind and plan ahead when you set the times your motorhome is available for rent. Take advantage of increased traffic by planning your availability in advance.

2 – Flexibility is key

During low-demand seasons, consider using different ways to increase flexibility, such as lowering your minimum day requirements for bookings.

3- How to set a price

The price you set for your motorhome is always your choice.
Many SHAREaCAMPER owner have asked for advice on how to decide on a price, so we’ve developed “The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your Campervan to help you make more informed decisions.

4 – Seasonal pricing

Knowing when it’s high versus low season can help you adjust your pricing and maximise your profits and bookings throughout the year.
Pricing too high in the low season can make your listing less appealing to potential travellers. By the same token, pricing too low in the high season can disadvantage your potential profits

That’s why you have the option of setting seasonal pricing to adjust your price according to its seasonal demand.

Check your local calendar for important upcoming sporting events, school holidays AND conferences that will most likely create an increase in bookings.

If this is all too much information and you may need some help finding the right price for your campervan, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to help you with it.

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