Paradise Surf Spots in Australia

Paradise Surf Spots in Australia

The land of Oz is an idyllic place of surfing and sunshine, so if you need to get out of the campervan and stretch your legs on the waves, you’ll have ample opportunity here with 25,760 km of golden coasts. From the beaches of Perth to Kirra, Australia has become a mecca for surfers who come Down Under to visit year-round.

This enormous island gets plenty of swell, and this includes beginner’s beaches and spots for the top pros in the business too. Due to cumbersome salt water crocodiles and zapping jellyfish, the beautiful northern coast is generally a no-go for surfers; however, the rest of the coastline is ripe for wild conditions and great swells, so check out our most favourite surf spots for your next Australian surf tour.

West Coast

Throughout the year on the west coast, you’ll find hotspots for surf pros and roomy beaches for beginners as well. This side of the country is a little less crowded which means you’ll get a great chance at tons of waves. The most consistent time to try out the west coast is between May and August.

Perth Surf

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1. Perth Beaches

Trigg Island, Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches are all great finds in Perth and catch some serious waves that hit the west coast every day. White sand and sunny skies await for your outing. Furthermore, you can’t mention Perth’s beaches without paying respect to Rottnest Island. A short ferry ride from mainland will deliver you to 63 stunning beaches and many coral reefs. Hit up Strickland Bay for consistent swells.

2. Margeret River

Known throughout the world as a trusty spot for big waves, Margeret River is just over a 3 hour drive from Perth. Start your excursion at Surfer’s Point and get ready to hit some monster swells with some of the world’s best. If this spot is a little too crowded for your taste, then head over to the nearby North Point, The Box or Three Bears.

3. Esperance

The smattering of islands and reefs in this area of the world make for some truly awe-inducing waves, and these seem to be concentrated all at Esperance Beach. An 8 hour jaunt from Perth, Esperance is a beauty to be had and one you definitely don’t want to miss. Turquoise waters, azure skies and about 110 wild islands greet adventurers here. For the big waves, West Beach, Fourth Beach and Observatory Beach are the place to go. If you’re lucky you may even catch a world-famous “Cyclops” wave.

South Coast

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If you are touring the southern coast anytime between April and October, you are going to want to bring your board along for the ride and hit up a few key surf spots. Deep and low pressure that tracks along the bottom of Australia make for regular swells and some unforgettable waves. Make sure to pack your wet suit, as the temperatures in these southern parts are pretty chilly year-round.

1. Bells Beach

A world-renown and truly classic break which is home of the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach has a right hand point break that varies from 2 to 5 metres with mid to high tide conditions. Before you head out into the water, catch a breathtaking view of the break from above the cliffs. Then, descend down into the break, either at Centerside, Rincon, or Bell’s Bowl for some classic surf.

2. Jan Juc

Nearby, the Jan Juc is alongside the Torquay and receives a sweet well from the Bass Strait. These waves are a bit gentler and since this is a slightly less visited area for surfers, it is a great spot to learn how to get up or just to refresh your skills.

3. The Well

This right-handed reef break has a bevy of groundswell, insanely high waves, rocky reef and even a handful of sharks, so it’s one to put on your list only if you’re a truly experienced surfer. Even the best surfers here are going to need to get used to the wave in order to read the reef and not get ground up. The rewards for braving this break are plenty and include a hollow and powerful barrel surf as well as incredibly high swell.

4. Phillip Island

Just southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island serves as a consistent source of waves and as Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve. With mighty breaks, sheltered bays and a great atmostphere, Phillip Island features Cape Woolamai for classic, pro swells as well as Smiths Beach for beginners.

East Coast

Surfing at Burleigh Heads

Image Credit: Michael Dawes on Flickr

Nearly all of Queensland and New South Wales features coasts of mighty swells and a variety of breaks. The temperature is warmer up here and although the winter time brings the most consistency, the real excitement comes with cyclone season in the summer. The east coast is the most popular for surfers, so it’s important to know what spot is right for you.

1. Burleigh Heads

A true gem of the Gold Coast, this spot is chalk-full of right swells, great banks and heavy barrels. It’s one of the top spots in Queensland, so when the waves are right, it’s likely to be crowded. One thing to keep in mind is to be careful around the big rocks.

2. The Superbank

Greenmount, Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks are the three main surf breaks on the Gold Coast which are man-made and amazing. In the right conditions, it’s possible to ride for almost 2 km at this spot, and at the same time, you’ll be in the company of local pros who love to frequent the Superbank.

3. Crescent Head

In New South Wales just a bit north of Port Macquarie, you’ll find four idyllic right-hand point breaks good for veterans and beginners alike. This beloved spot is especially visited and by long-boarders.

4. Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms

For something a little less crowded but still an awe-inspiring experience, head to Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms in New South Wales. These south-facing swells also have picture-perfect views of the wild coast, undeveloped coast and are inhabited by happy-go-lucky dolphins.

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